Electronic Services of Technical Campus Libraries during Coronavirus pandemic – Announcement No. 2

27 October 2021 | 11:36 Code : 22865 News Announcements
Electronic Services of Technical Campus Libraries during Coronavirus pandemic – Announcement No. 2

The services of the technical campus libraries are provided online from 8 am to 24 as follows.


In the name of God

While wishing good health to all esteemed students, in order to maintain your health, the study halls of the libraries of the campuses of the technical colleges will be closed until further notice.

Library services are also provided as follows:

1. Renewal of borrowed books is done electronically, the instructions of which are as follows:

  • Open the AZARSA link through the library website at https://library.ut.ac.ir, log in with your central authentication details in the login section.
  • In the profile section, click the link of the borrowed documents
  • In the opened window, click on the green tick in the operations column to send an extension request for each book in hand.
  • Confirm the opened page

2. Settlement of all sections can be done only by sending the applicants’ request to the e-mail of Campus 2 Library at englib2@ut.ac.ir and Campus 1 Library at englib@ut.ac.ir with the following instructions:

  • The next steps of the settlement will be announced via email.
  • Graduate students should consider the following to submit a dissertation file:

The dissertation file must include the full version of the dissertation in word and pdf format along with the defense certificate signed with the postgraduate stamp and the faculty stamp, in addition to a 15 page file from the first page to 15 pages other than blank pages in word and pdf format plus a Zipped file of two word files of students whose dissertation file is in LATEX, in addition to pdf files, they only need to provide four pages of Persian and English titles and Persian and English abstracts in word along with the LATEX file.

  • To pay the fine for your books, deposit the amount of the fine to the account No. 5225429137 with the deposit ID 1702300300173 in the name of the non-withdrawable account of the technical campus.

3. Contact the library emails for guidance on accessing articles and e-books.

(englib2@ut.ac.ir) Campus 2 Technical Library

(englib@ut.ac.ir) Campus 1 Technical Library

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