An introduction to the library

Simultaneously with the establishment of the Technical College in 1934, the Central Library of the Campus of the Technical Colleges started its activities in the fields of engineering sciences and environment aiming to provide the required educational books for students and professors as well as to support research activities. With an area of ​​2020 m2, this library includes different sections. Also, the central library of Campus2 was opened in September 2012 by the Ghalamchi Educational Foundation. This library was created from the integration of 3 libraries: electricity and computer, metallurgy and materials, central campus 2 (industry, mining, mechanics, mapping) with an area of ​​about 2700 m2 and includes various sections and services.

Library working hours: Reference section on Saturdays to Wednesdays: from 7:45 to 16:00 and reading halls on Saturdays to Wednesdays: from 7:45 to 21:00 and on Thursdays and Fridays from 7:45 to 19:00.