Children’s library

Campus 2 Children’s Library was opened in July 2017 with the support of Campus Research Deputy. In our developing country, with the increasing entry of women and mothers into the world of work in the recent years, one of the main challenges and concerns of women working is taking care of their children.

Children and Adolescents’ Libraries have exactly the same purpose as libraries, except that their users are different in age. This means that the development of Children and Adolescents’ Libraries should be in line with the development of adult ones and their training should be in line with the use of information resources. Creating a habit of meeting the need for information through the book and library and the child’s interaction with information will enable us to deliver idea-developer, creative, curious and highly literate children to the community in near future.

The special purpose of creating this complex is:

  1. To provide appropriate library services to the children of staff, faculty and students to study and educate children and adolescents in the university environment
  2. To prepare a rich treasure of books in different age groups for children and adolescents
  3. To hold useful training courses (music, sports, computer, etc.,) for: Entrepreneurship for students eligible to teach, useful use of the library environment by the children of technical campus staff
  4. To establish a per capita increase in reading in Iran from childhood and planning for the development of reading
  5. To create a unique space for children in the university environment to take care of the school children of the staff in order to: prevent the presence of children in the office and educational space and the peace of mind of the staff and of course its desirable efficiency to provide services to clients
  6. To properly teach the principles of reading from childhood
  7. To create a quiet place to learn

This complex has held more than 10 special educational courses for children under the supervision of professional educators. This library includes two spaces with suitable facilities for creative games, training, and various skills and has a collection of more than 500 children and adolescent’s books.