Trust and reference


The lending department of Campus 1 and 2 libraries is one of the mostly visited departments of the library and is considered as the pulse of the library. The efforts and activities of other colleagues in different departments can be seen in this department.

This library has a rich collection of specialized books in technical and engineering fields that all students of the University of Tehran and other universities can benefit from the services of this department. Members other than the University of Tehran students should contact the Lending Department for information on membership and services.

This section has a total of 26,000 Persian books (specialized and general), 64,000 English books and about 200 children’s books.

The activities of this department include the following:

  • Registering membership

(It should be noted that freshmen will automatically become members of the library after receiving a student card from the education department)

  • Borrowing, renewing and returning books
  • Reserving a book
  • Settlement
  • Responding to clients and helping them access resources faster

It should be noted that the service hours in this department are Saturday to Wednesday from 8 am to 15:30.

Phone number of Campus 1 library trust department: 61112854

Phone number of Campus 2 library trust department: 82089806- 82089805

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