Thesis section


The libraries of technical college campus have a total of 12500 copies of master’s theses and doctoral dissertations, which meets the needs of all students of the University of Tehran and graduate students of other universities in the country.

For access to theses and dissertations of University of Tehran, refer to You do not need to register to access them.

  • University of Tehran users can read all pages for free from the "Preview" link after connecting to the university network (via utvpn).
  • It is possible to purchase PDF files online for users other than the University of Tehran.
  • Dissertations are available in this system that are more than two years old.

The service hours in this department are Saturday to Wednesday from 8 am to 15:30.

Telephone number of the campus 1 dissertation department: 61113031

Telephone number of the campus 2 dissertation department: 82089806

Please log in to the dissertation subsystem of the University of Tehran to search for your intended dissertation.