Guide to download digital dissertation files

Guide to download digital dissertation files

Guide to download digital dissertations of University of Tehran

To access the dissertations of the University of Tehran, first refer to the site . (It should be noted that you do not need to register to access the dissertation. University of Tehran users can read all pages [for free] from the “Preview” link after connecting to the university network via utvpn).

After entering the website, click on the advanced search section to open the search page to access the dissertation

In the advanced search page, you can limit your search from the fields section according to the information you have about the dissertation (title, author, supervisor, subject, advisor, etc.) to achieve the desired dissertation. From the menu of all fields, select the desired field and enter the information related to that field in the phrase section.

After entering the information related to the title and author in the bottom part of the page, select the Persian thesis option from the document type box and select “containing the digital content” option from the digital content box and click on Search.

By clicking on the search at the bottom of the page, the thesis will be displayed. For information on the details and specifications of your thesis, you can also click on the title or more options.

In the opened page, you can see the full specifications of the thesis. In the right part of the page, there is the title of digital content, which includes two options: preview and download. If you are reading the dissertation online, you can click on the preview or more options to display the PDF file of the thesis. In the page number display section of the PDF file, you can specify the pages you need or click on the arrow next to the page counter to display the thesis pages in order of page number.